Improve Curb Appeal with a New Roof A Message from Exteriors of Distinction

The exterior of your home plays an important role in its value and curb appeal. While many homeowners think about updating the siding or landscaping of their homes, few consider how their roofs factor into the curb appeal equation. According to Better Homes and Gardens’ real estate experts, the roof critically affects how visitors or potential buyers perceive your home, accounting for up to 40 percent of its curb appeal.

Since roofing makes up such a large percentage of a home’s exterior appeal, a new roof can provide an excellent return on investment. Experts report that the average homeowner will receive a 67 percent return on investment after installing an attractive new roof. Consult your local roofing experts for advice on a roofing material, color, and style that will best complement your home.

About Exteriors of Distinction: Serving commercial and residential clients throughout the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania, Exteriors of Distinction specializes in installing top-of-the-line metal roofing systems. The company’s beautiful Country Manor Shake and ClickLock systems are sure to boost your home’s curb appeal.


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