The Benefits of Metal Roofing A Message from Exteriors of Distinction

An extremely attractive alternative to asphalt or fiberglass shingled roofs, metal roofing offers numerous additional advantages. Metals roofs can last a lifetime. Highly resistant to such elements as wind, hail, and snow, metal roofs are also fire resistant. Indeed, some insurance companies reduce premiums for homeowners with metal roofing.

Metals roofs require very little maintenance. Thanks to protective metallic and polymer coatings, metal roofing products are resistant to rust and color fade. Additionally, metal roofs never rot, crack, or warp.

Metal roofs are energy efficient. While many people think that metal roofs increase the temperature of a home, metal roofs are actually greener than many other roofing options. Thanks to their high heat reflectivity, these roofs reflect heat out in the summer and reflect it back into the building in the winter. Homeowners with metal roofs can expect significant decreases in heating and air conditioning costs.

About Exteriors of Distinction: Known for its beautiful, long-lasting metal roofing systems, Exteriors of Distinction uses high-quality, lightweight aluminum and alloy for its Country Manor Shake and ClickLock roofing systems. For more information on the company’s roof offerings and dedication to customer service, please visit


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