Fireproof Roofing Options, by Exteriors of Distinction

Fires can cause some of the most extensive and expensive damage to homes and businesses. Luckily, the right type of roofing can greatly reduce a building’s flammability and, in some cases, the cost of fire insurance.

While tile roofing is generally considered flame resistant, it has the distinct disadvantage of being very heavy. When a house with tile roofing catches fire, the risk of a cave in is significant, and firefighters are actually trained not to enter burning houses roofed with tile because of that danger.

Metal roofs, on the other hand, are both fire resistant and lightweight enough to prevent fire-related collapses. In addition, many metal roofs are designed to resist hail, high winds, and even some tornadoes. To achieve maximum fire resistance with metal roofs, homeowners should be sure to choose roof-framing materials that resist or help prevent fires. Traditional wood frames are highly flammable, but many composite building materials are designed to resist flames more effectively.

About the author: Lehigh Valley roofing company Exteriors of Distinction offers Country Manor Shake among its lightweight, fireproof metal roofing products. Based in Lehighton, Pennsylvania, Exteriors of Distinction has repeatedly earned Shining Star awards from Classic Metal Roofing Systems.


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