Three Reasons to Join the National Association of Home Builders Provided by Exteriors of Distinction

Dedicated to promoting the policies that make homebuilding a national priority, the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) counts 140,000 members and their employees among its ranks, and it offers its members a significant list of benefits.

Firstly, by becoming a member, homebuilders are entered into a network of other professionals who share the same interests. At no other time is this more apparent than at the annual NAHB International Builders Show, when roughly 50,000 homebuilders get together to network and discuss the latest news and advancements in homebuilding.

Further, the organization’s advocacy team works with lawmakers to uphold the interests of NAHB. By joining NAHB, its members take an active role in shaping the legislature surrounding home building.

Finally, the discounts furnished by NAHB provide an economical reason for joining. For instance, NAHB offers discounts on office supplies, books, rental cars, and building supplies. For a complete list of discounts, visit

About Exteriors of Distinction: A member of NAHB for over 20 years, Exteriors of Distinction supplies aluminum roofing products, including Country Manor Shake and ClickLock Premium Standing Seam.


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