ClickLock Standing Seam Roofing

by Exteriors of Distinction

Often seen on commercial buildings or barns, metal roofs have a distinct look that provides excellent durability and protection from the elements. ClickLock Standing Seam is a product that is similar to metal roofs seen in agricultural and farm settings, and can now be applied to individual homes. With a simple engineering design that employs narrow 12 inch panels, ClickLock Standing Seam roofing products are ideal for contemporary settings. In addition, the product is scaled to suit the needs of a homeowner, as opposed to a larger commercial space.

ClickLock is made from a heavy-duty aluminum that is rust-free and employs concealed fasteners for a clean aesthetic. The product current comes in eight different colors: Buckskin, Caramel, Deep Charcoal, Forest Green, Mustang Brown, Shake Gray, Terra Red, and White.

About the Author: Exteriors of Distinction is an award-winning roofing company that has been recognized by the industry on several occasions, and has received the Metal Home Digest Residential Roofing Award. For more information, visit


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